Marathon Mom prospers in every way

Kathy Adams

by Kathy Adams, Guest Writer

Training for Marathons and the award that came with it” I would have never thought that training for a half marathon would have helped me personally and spiritually. I wanted to train for a marathon but not actually complete one. In my mind I thought training for one would help with me with losing weight.

In January of 2010 the doctor tried to diagnose me with hypertension and type 2 diabetics. I had never dealt with these issues before and around the same time my church Living Word Christian Center announced that the running club was accepting registration for the upcoming year. I thought why not because I refuse to be overweight and shorting my life with these illnesses.

I joined the Kingdom Running club nine month program and registered for the Bank of America half marathon to help me lose weight, and I knew I would not have to take this medicine. This training didn’t just put me outdoors to start running but they taught us how to eat, dress and be prepared for the big race day.

This is exactly what God expect from us to prepare for everything with time and preparation. The word of God say write the vision and make it plan. So I went through the entire program and completed the marathon on August 1, 2010. That wasn’t the end of the training. God spoke to me about relocating to Dallas. I took a leap of faith and moved without a job but I believe when I put my feet on Texas soil everything would work together for my good.

Guess What? It did! I work for one of the top fortune 500 companies, my son is doing well in school, I’m active at my church and still participating in races. If you ever have a thought about training or participating in a marathon DO IT because it will help you physically and spiritually!

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